We are Mamo Essentials Hawaii, creating healthy opportunities for people who value a pure and natural lifestyle. The untouched beauty and allure of our  island home inspires our Hawaiian Sandalwood products.

The history behind our products is as rich and as valuable as the benefits of our 100% Hawaiian Sandalwood.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil

100% Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil

Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil (Santalum paniculatum) is unparalleled. Our oil contains no farnesol, surpasses international alpha & beta santalol levels, is the only USDA certified organic sandalwood oil that meets the international ISO standard.

Saw Dust

Hawaiian Sandalwood Dust

The sweet distinct aromas of Hawaiian Sandalwood dust permeates the air. It can be compressed to make incense for cultural & religious practices or burned simply for peace, tranquility and meditation.

Wood Chips

Hawaiian Sandalwood Spent Granulate

Spent sandalwood granulate retains the essence of Hawaiian Sandalwood and can be used in many ways. Being an anti-microbial sandalwood granulate are good for gardens to keep away ants and other insects. They can be used as potpourri to freshen closets and drawers, or ground and burned as incense.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil


Hydrosol has the scent of Hawaiian Sandalwood and feels like an astringent. It is a water byproduct of the distillation process and can be used to make soaps, lotions and various skin products.

Koa Wood

Koa Wood

Koa is one of the many native host trees for the parasitic Sandalwood. This beautiful curly wood is readily available for purchase. Please inquire with desired measurements and we will check on availability and pricing.

Ohia Wood

Ohia Logs

Ohia logs are popular wood beams to accentuate houses. It is another one of the many native host trees for Sandalwood. Please inquire for availability.


MAMO Essentials Hawaii is very close to releasing a Hawaiian sandalwood personal care product line that we are confident the world will love and embrace. We would be happy to discuss our current products with you and see how we can benefit your personal or business’s needs.


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