Mamo Essentials started in early 2015 by two friends in Honolulu, Hawaii. Their knowledge of business and computers with a passion to create a product both grown in Hawaii and made in Hawaii, sparked a retail line of some of the best health and wellness products available worldwide.

Hawaiian Sandalwood has a deep rooted history in Hawaiiʻs past. “Mamo” in the Hawaiian language translates to “Descendants.” As descendants of the Kings and Queens who came before them, they understand the successes and failures previous generations have made and recognize the importance of sustaining and perpetuating their native forests. Mamo Essentials strives to educate, expose and share Hawaiian Sandalwood with the world.


Our Mission

Mamo Essentials Hawaii works to provide high quality health and wellness products. We strive to enhance an all natural approach to nourish the bodies and minds. Helping to educate others through our story about the importance of the land we live on and the care it deserves is our vision.